STAKED is a KMD asset chain that incentivizes community members to test smart contracts along with the underlying software of Komodo. This can be used as vehicle for crypto condition devs to thoroughly test their contracts. If you’re developing a contract and would like it thoroughly tested, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
The chain will be snapshotted/airdropped to a new chain every 5 days with 2 days in between. (testing different contracts and chain parameters each week) If you break the chain or find a bug in a contract, you will receive extra coins from the pre-mine of the new chain.  We will continually do this until we arrive at a stable chain, and this stable chain will live on as STAKED.


The initial chain had 4000 coins pre-mined. 2100 of this was distributed to 21 participants. The difference was sent to the faucet contract along with all coins mined up until the chain parameters were made public. 
A maximum of 87680 coins will be mined/staked each week. 1280 of this will be mined by the chain creator and will be burned or deposited into varying smart contracts each week such as faucet or rewards. 
If you wish to participate, but did not receive 100 coins from the initial premine, mine some coins, trade for some or kindly ask a community member for some. 
Total emissions will be capped at 100k/STAKED week. This means the difference between 100000 and total coins mined up until the snapshot may be used for bounties. This doesn’t necessarily mean the full bounty amount will be used each week. If the full amount is not used, the coins do not roll over into the next week’s bounty fund.
Bugs must be claimed in a comment on the weekly post or they will not be considered for a bounty. 


A snapshot will be made at the first block after 3PM UTC every Saturday regardless of block height. Consider consolidating your coins before this. 
The new chain will be created, coins will be distributed, and the chain creator will stop the chain at block 128. The chain parameters will not be released until 3PM UTC Monday.


thanks CHMEX

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