Week 1

./komodod -ac_name=STAKED1 -ac_supply=4000 -ac_reward=1000000000 -ac_staked=99 -ac_end=8768 -ac_cc=2 -ac_public=1 -addnode= -addnode=
Chain params were released at block 132
100 coins to 21 participants sent out at block 17: f62411e3d3facedb018ee3f65d2665d8e3b60a60ce9935768feba75de041abc3
Remaining coins from premine + block reward of first 131 blocks sent to faucet contract: e1e4535f44e4ff6c961b9fd893ddb83fdfd093e1a5b8e4b9c3af0e8257d73d80


      [“Alright”, “RMX2YaRrKD4zeSwxsX1bWPwikmFrsCQ45u”],

      [“webworker”, “RKjJctJfaExgzcUgbrZDTqzzhxeaC5HP3G”],

      [“Decker”, “RDeckerSubnU8QVgrhj27apzUvbVK3pnTk”],

      [“Blackjok3r”, “RPfQBwAmC6YK2SiedMmBgLPwoV1UihdeTW”],

      [“dragonrider-e”, “RWgrgM22H8oAbHpCSYeUiiSdgb3xx633Ex”],

      [“xrobesx”, “RC7z6DuUTkRAzJv11oYMS7HbcmsZLjm5JY”],

      [“SHossain”, “RANyPgfZZLhSjQB9jrzztSw66zMMYDZuxQ”],

      [“Nabob”, “RWbYC7znRvs5PAZCUzEG3qrKzrmLE78Wif”],

      [“Faisal”, “RLPEM5Gdjxow7puXy5NbhqyCz994eyq3fS”],

      [“Hermes”, “RMsDjiKJW7N31BxaM17MyVx1AX2PnGZYRH”],

      [“siu”, “RDaNFpn8pi3Rwfc4LthRswodJ6DHKW8tmq”],

      [“Jonathan”, “RUYX224ZcwvDHdc8WfEzpACyys3LS1t2co”],

      [“DAEMONFOX”, “REScxcZm3dsWmERSax1yVgoPPadh8BYQ6k”],

      [“house”, “RB7fTKKYx69xTJ6JKYmMjHjEbUaYTsAW9w”],

      [“Lil Komodo”, “RSx1HQAs5reKjx6nPhLJZRov2p44J8dcMg”],

      [“Haiduc”, “RXrektXMZ6oWeuY5CTYecf3aUb5GHJriND”],

      [“CrisF”, “RF3pW8UPTtx9MUKuNrWJmHu4NRb7crBpnG”],

      [“gcharang”, “RYEjhHwagkJWbfFXxC8Av68XYhPU5nx7Gi”],

      [“chmex”, “RGndBZEF8ghgFi5H9qGzvpA7CDnrp7qvgP“],

      [“TonyL”, “RHq3JsvLxU45Z8ufYS6RsDpSG4wi6ucDev”],

      [“dwy”, “RKUV7wkP4yTR1suVYLicf4ZaooQzz8u5iR”],

      [“bluemagestrut”, “RFS1oL7Q5NtvumY6isHTFSsn1rRjHB9L8F”]



Week 1 Report:

snapshot: block 7520
total supply as of snapshot: 79204.84148724
total supply after airdrop: 104205

@un Haiduc RPo8VKmQA5V9yG3omhPa6yMe3xNyvXadG4 10000
snapshot balance 88.00060000
airdrop balance 10088.00060000

@CHMEX RGndBZEF8ghgFi5H9qGzvpA7CDnrp7qvgP 1000
snapshot balance 214.47041532
airdrop balance 1214.47041532

@webworker01 RKjJctJfaExgzcUgbrZDTqzzhxeaC5HP3G 2000
snapshot balance 119.84395000
airdrop balance 2119.84395000

@blackjok3r RPfQBwAmC6YK2SiedMmBgLPwoV1UihdeTW 10000
snapshot balance 7373.03265741
airdrop balance 17373.03265741

@xRobeSx RC7z6DuUTkRAzJv11oYMS7HbcmsZLjm5JY 2000
snapshot balance 4944.85791702
airdrop balance 6944.85791702

Bugs found:
The faucet contract was tested thoroughly and rewritten based on this testing. The faucet now requires a new address for each faucetget transaction and now dispenses 0.1 coin.
The POS diff adjustment algorithm was tweaked based on testing done this week. We found that the previous algorithm wasn’t well suited for 99% POS.
A bug in which getblocktemplate included POS transaction while mining was fixed.
A bug in which setgenerate false did not respond properly was fixed.
Build issues on MacOS and Windows were found and fixed.

The first week of STAKED went exceptionally well. We had about 10 active participants throughout the week, and we found a fair amount of bugs.

STAKED2 will begin tomorrow(Monday) at 3PM UTC. The focus for testing this week will be the ac_perc parameter, the rewards contract and any changes made based on previous testing. The chain will once again be 99% POS in order to test the changes made to the POS algorithm. The chain will include the ac_perc parameter. The coins collected by the ac_pubkey address will be used for bounties on STAKED3. The amount will be capped at 25000 coins. If the ac_pubkey address accrues >25000 coins, anything over 25000 will not be included in the airdrop of STAKED3.

This week the block rewards of the first 128 blocks and the ac_pubkey’s balance at block 128 will be used to fund several rewards plans and the faucet contract. 335.07300827 remained in the faucet contract(R9zHrofhRbub7ER77B7NrVch3A63R39GuC) at the time of the snapshot. The address for these coins will be changed to the ac_pubkey address in the snapshot, and they will be used to fund contracts.

If any new comers would like to participate this week, you will receive 100 STAKED2. The coins sent to new comers will be sent from a willing community member’s balance and will not inflate the supply. The mechanism for funding new comers may change in the future.

STAKED1 Snapshot Block 7520

5 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. faucet – spammed on blocknotify at beginning, finding attack vector and reported it was using large CPU and locking daemon, helped debug

    reproduced getblocktemplate with haiduc and jl to stop PoS transactions being added to PoW blocks, as my stats script was miss reporting PoW/PoS becasuse of this bug.

  2. filled the faucet with small utxos after that is was slow if thats considered breaking i take the stake2 bounty

  3. identified issues with PoW difficulty and helped jl dampen some of the “damage” inflicted on PoS – RPo8VKmQA5V9yG3omhPa6yMe3xNyvXadG4

  4. reproduced @nabob’s report of Mac build failing because of CC outputs :), looped the faucet for about 20 minutes

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