Week 2


Coins collected by ac_pubkey will be given to the person who breaks it. If it is not broken, coins will be burned on next chain or used to fund a contract. 
99% POS
./komodod -ac_name=STAKED2 -ac_supply=104205 -ac_reward=1000000000 -ac_staked=99 -ac_end=8768 -ac_cc=2 -ac_public=1 -ac_perc=100000 -ac_pubkey=03bd221868abc063b54a3fceafb9898b1931ed767298a17ac0c9923500a7c60e4b -addnode= -addnode=
Airdrop is in block #3
25% APR rewards plan funded with 300 coins in block 127: 2613df13a02bc9027bc38e6b15afce4202268895844fabd6f5ab7981fdb9e318
20% APR rewards plan funded with 500 coins in block 127: 138007334701bf05c8175fe93c5cbfba33144de2357ea249b7b688197abc2944
DICE contract funded in block 127 with:
100 2 coin UTXOs
200 1 coin UTXOs
40 5 coin UTXOs 
Funding may be added sometime during the week from the ac_pubkey coins depending on community sentiment
Faucet contract funded with 499.9999 coins in block 163: ddfe4be7a864d8ba63eb6cb88e766f9bae96ba6439d17a57e3b02663830d2dd7

Week 2 report

snapshot: block 7610
total supply as of snapshot: 181947.23992239
total supply after airdrop: 200000
total: 18052.76007761

@Alright RLuZ6VXgPJtqrYPUkqd3ESvbXbHadF1SPT 7220
snapshot balance 2000.00000000
airdrop balance 9220.00000000

@blackjok3r RPfQBwAmC6YK2SiedMmBgLPwoV1UihdeTW 10832.76007761
snapshot balance 1010.67002832
airdrop balance 11843.43010593

Bugs found:
Alright: found segfault related to `kvupdate` which allowed a ddos-esque type attack
Blackjok3r: Unlocked the `rewardscreatefunding` tx via `rewardsunlock`, empything the contract

STAKED3 will begin tomorrow(Monday) at 3PM UTC. The chain will be 50% POS, and the focus will remain on the 4 current contracts along with verifying the POS algorithm works as expected. We will also be testing the new `-ac_ccactivate` feature which allows an existing asset chain to activate crypto conditions easily. Crypto conditions will not be activated until block 1000. This week will not include ac_perc. We are likely to try it again in the future.

At the time of the snapshot, the ac_pubkey address(RBvk8QYW1o7ArCMdQEJJNP64DxUFbAoZr9) had a balance of 1504.24095856. These coins will remain in that address for the airdrop and will be used to fund contracts along with the first 128 block rewards.

STAKED2 Snapshot Block 7610

3 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Found no entropyTX creates invalid TX for dice instead of an error.
    How to reproduce: call dicebet when there is no entropy TX in the dicefund. It would return an invalid TXID instead of an error.

    – Spammig dicebet for 48h continiously doubled my amount of coins. I think it was just causing the bets to timeout. Not sure of a bug or not, and I got about 1000 coins out of dicebet spam anyway.

    – Locked 100 coins into rewards 25APR, was not able to unlock. I have all of the commands and HEX for this, was posted in #staked, but might have been lost. Once this was able to be unlocked, it unlocked all of the rewards funding.

  2. Not a bug – known (by some) issue

    Due to copying STAKED1.conf to STAKED2.conf komodod ran STAKED2 with the same RPC credentials and port as STAKED1
    – left STAKED1.conf in place
    – ran komodo-cli -ac_name=STAKED1
    – komodod read the credentials and rpc port from STAKED1 and communicate to whatever komodod is on that port with those credentials, now STAKED2

    (Thanks to webworker01 for the explanation)

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