Week 3

./komodod -ac_name=STAKED3 -ac_supply=200000 -ac_reward=1000000000 -ac_staked=50 -ac_end=8768 -ac_ccactivate=1000 -addressindex=1 -spentindex=1 -addnode= -addnode= -addnode=

Mandatory update to commit 5fda0f8eb6b558b2163eee3a2003efcbf22d241c

Use the commands to build komodod before launching the chain:
git clone https://github.com/jl777/komodo kmddev
cd kmddev
git checkout dev
git checkout 5fda0f8eb6b558b2163eee3a2003efcbf22d241c
./zcutil/build.sh -j$(nproc)

The focus for this week will remain on continually testing the 4 current smart contracts(faucet, rewards, assets, dice) along with verifying the POS algorithm works as expected. We are also testing a newly added feature, ac_ccactivate, which allows existing asset chains to easily activate crypto conditions. Crypto conditions will not be activated until block 1000. Notice that ac_public was not included this week. If coins are left in a z address at the time of the snapshot, consider them burned.

Differences between snapshot and airdrop:
@Alright RLuZ6VXgPJtqrYPUkqd3ESvbXbHadF1SPT 7220 bounty
snapshot balance 2000.00000000
airdrop balance 9220.00000000

@blackjok3r RPfQBwAmC6YK2SiedMmBgLPwoV1UihdeTW 10832.76007761 bounty
snapshot balance 1010.67002832
airdrop balance 11843.43010593

faucet contract R9zHrofhRbub7ER77B7NrVch3A63R39GuC
snapshot balance 499.99990000
airdrop balance 0

rewards contract RTsRBYL1HSvMoE3qtBJkyiswdVaWkm8YTK
snapshot balance 900.00000000
airdrop balance 0

dice contract REabWB7KjFN5C3LFMZ5odExHPenYzHLtVw
snapshot balance 1181.30131000
airdrop balance 0

STAKED2’s ac_pubkey address RBvk8QYW1o7ArCMdQEJJNP64DxUFbAoZr9
snapshot balance 1504.24095856
airdrop balance 4085.54216856

The balance of RBvk8QYW1o7ArCMdQEJJNP64DxUFbAoZr9 at block 128 was 5386.17530876. It has gone towards funding contracts.
300 coins were sent to the faucet contract: 3252e1a1dab74439faffe2c5b1c96491a17f8b14bcc9dadb8c6d89c73230f5fe

300 coins were sent to the rewards contract for a 20% APR rewards plan:

200 coins were sent to the rewards contract for a 25% APR rewards plan:

3236 coins total were used to fund the HIGH dice plan:
370 1 STAKED3 entropy UTXOs were added to the contract

1350 coins were used to fund the LOW dice plan:
50 1 STAKED3 entropy UTXOs were added to the contract

Please ensure that your system clock is synced via NTP. If you do not do this, your node may lag behind.

sudo apt-get install chrony
sudo systemctl restart chrony.service
then check timedatectl status for NTP synchronized: yes

Week 3 report

snapshot: block 7454
total supply as of snapshot: 274560.6331402
total supply after airdrop: 274560.6331402
bounties: none

Bugs found:
Alright: Broke accc_activate. Was able to stop a node’s ability to mine blocks by sending it a transaction with a CC spending vout.
Was fixed here https://github.com/jl777/komodo/commit/6e3dc787c55249fe4e36d37b3bb5de0761849b69

STAKED4 will begin Monday(3/9/18) at 3PM UTC. The focus for this week will be testing the asset contract. Bounties will be weighted towards bugs involving the asset contract. The POS% will be determined by a voting mechanism using post-snapshot STAKED3 coins. The address with the highest balance as of Sunday 3PM UTC will determine the ac_staked value for STAKED4.

1% POS: RFYBsYjdHtDH7AafZQg7CUHomUidey5YK5
10% POS: RTKxfRWE57PM58XTorCeh5gTopMxzoU6oR
33% POS: RG6ebEJ5V6mPkx2ZjnUNatQu5FKSMkvzHP
50% POS: RE5ooa4yNSaN5HjXmBjjrX1WWAJogUSit3
66% POS: RBQcjiKVhiWsvtFW8tdMK7nwhkH4NyLtUU
90% POS: RDksLrkQ5x1pQDRhbZyAVuMwrg8Q38DSA9
100%: POS RE3JZhRP6ekshxXHBzNPzASuwyhmjfD7py

Any coins that remained in contracts as of block 7454 will be used to fund contracts on STAKED4.

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