Week 5

For this week, please build komodod from this repo https://github.com/StakedChain/komodo

komodod -ac_name=STAKED5W -ac_supply=333543 -ac_reward=500000000 -ac_end=8768 -ac_staked=10 -ac_cc=123 -addnode= -addnode=

komodod -ac_name=STAKED5S -ac_supply=17147 -ac_reward=500000000 -ac_end=8768 -ac_staked=90 -ac_cc=123 -addnode= -addnode=

snapshot at block 7633
supply as of snapshot: 350689.42063297
supply after airdrop: 350690
supply airdropped to STAKED5W: 333543
supply airdropped to STAKED5S: 17147

This week we made a fungible chain cluster. These chains are fungible with each other, meaning you can transfer coins between the two. You can use the migratecoin.sh found <HERE> to transfer coins between each chain. Any bugs found while doing this will be rewarded with a bounty. We hope to launch the permanent STAKED chain next week. The week to week setup will continue, but there will be a permanent chain that enables us to be listed on a exchange.

differences between snapshot/airdrop

faucet contract R9zHrofhRbub7ER77B7NrVch3A63R39GuC
snapshot balance 199.89990000
airdrop balance 0

rewards contract RTsRBYL1HSvMoE3qtBJkyiswdVaWkm8YTK
snapshot balance 399.99653797
airdrop balance 0

dice contract REabWB7KjFN5C3LFMZ5odExHPenYzHLtVw
snapshot balance 6503.00000000
airdrop balance 0

assets contract RGKRjeTBw4LYFotSDLT6RWzMHbhXri6BG6
snapshot balance 10044.00009890
airdrop balance 0

total taken from contracts to RBvk8QYW1o7ArCMdQEJJNP64DxUFbAoZr9 to fund notaries

The coins that remained in contracts at the time of STAKED4’s snapshot were airdropped to STAKED5S. These coins were distributed equally to notary nodes except for 100 coins that will be staked in RBvk8QYW1o7ArCMdQEJJNP64DxUFbAoZr9 to ensure the chain does not stall. Once the chain is stable, these coins 100 will no longer be staked, and will be used to fund contracts on STAKED5S.

The block rewards of the first 128 blocks on both chains were mined to RBvk8QYW1o7ArCMdQEJJNP64DxUFbAoZr9. These coins will be used to fund notaries and contracts.


2 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. komodod -addnode= -addnode= -ac_supply=17146 -ac_staked=10 -ac_name=STKDW -ac_reward=500000000 -ac_end=8768 -ac_cc=123
    komodod -addnode= -addnode= -ac_supply=17146 -ac_staked=90 -ac_name=STKDS -ac_reward=500000000 -ac_end=8768 -ac_cc=123

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